Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The first area that I will address is the physical body. Typically, people with CFIDS are in a high state of stress. This can translate into a high level of muscle tension, with much tenderness to palpation. This is treatable through gentle B.E.S.T. adjustments. I work gently with the tender musculature, specifically the Golgi Tendon Organs and Muscle Spindles, allowing the system to downgrade resting muscle tension. For those people at the fibromyalgia end of the spectrum, more work may be required in this area.

There is typically a great deal of mental and/or emotional stress present. Part of the procedure in B.E.S.T. chiropractic adjustments was developed to address the effects of thoughts and emotional stresses on the body. While mental and emotional stress can never be removed, some of its deleterious effects on the body can be neutralized. This is often a key element in treatment. In some cases, a referral to a grief counselor or therapist in necessary.

We will take a thorough inventory of your eating habits and patterns. I will ask you to track your diet on a daily basis, and check your urine pH each morning. Based on the findings, most likely I will recommend some changes to your diet. The goal will be to gradually move you towards an alkalizing diet with more natural whole foods. This is not a strict system, in which you can never have soda, steak, or ice cream. It is a system in which the goal is to eat mostly healthy, natural, alkalizing foods.

By lifestyle, what I mean are habits particularly regarding sleep and exercise. In the case that you are having trouble sleeping, we will work together to help you sleep. Often, reducing muscular tension and neutralizing certain mental and emotional stresses will help you get better sleep. Sometimes, we have to look at habits in the evening, as some of these may need to be changed to help insomnia/restlessness. Naturally, dietary habits can also affect sleep patterns. A disruption or disorder in sleep seems to many times play a pivotal role in the origin and development of CFIDS and fibromyalgia. Exercise is important as well. Exercise during the day can result in better sleep. Even if only an extremely small amount of physical exertion can be tolerated, it is necessary to do this much every day.

Sometimes, environmental factors play a significant role. While this is not often a focus, simply considering your physical environment and your energetic environment is worthwhile. An individual is sometimes sensitive to certain chemicals, certain energies, or other environmental factors. If these factors are removed or their effects can be mitigated in some way, this can have a surprisingly beneficial effect. In general, by minimizing negative environmental factors, your body will have more resources to heal.

In my experience, homeopathic remedies can be helpful in stimulating the system to recovery.  At times there may be an obvious remedy that would be helpful in your situation. At other times, a referral to a homeopath is suggested.

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