California Baby Shampoo – No Longer Free of Preservatives

A couple of years ago, I carefully examined the ingredients in most of the shampoos carried at our local Whole Foods Market. At that time, I found one shampoo that had no preservatives, parabens, or other potentially harmful additives. It was called California Baby Shampoo. It was fairly expensive, but because it did not have what I believed to be harmful additives, I was willing to pay a premium. It became the only shampoo that my family used or that I recommended.

Recently, I happened to look at the label on our bottle of California Baby Shampoo, and I found that it contained the preservative sodium benzoate. The very same sodium benzoate that is being removed from Coca-cola in Europe because of health concerns (see this article in the Daily Mail ). The same sodium benzoate that I carefully avoid in packaged foods.

For me, the only reason to buy California Baby Shampoo was for its lack of preservatives and other potentially harmful additives. I found the following information in a post on the safemama website. The post explains a little more about why this may have happened, and discusses the anger of many parents who purchased California Baby products for their children.

This was a significant change in their ingredients, and I am disappointed and angry that they did not make this change known. Apparently, many of their products changed dramatically (and for those of us interested in pure, natural products, these changes were for the worse). Most of us do not reread the ingredients on our favorite products every time we purchase them. This is probably why people were upset (it is certainly why I was upset). In fact, if you do a search on “Sodium Benzoate” on the California Baby Website (here is the search page) you will come up with all of their products which now contain sodium benzoate (seems like most of them).

Because of this, we will no longer be buying any of California Baby’s products, nor recommending it to patients or others interested in natural health.

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