Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique in Petaluma and Oakland


feet_crop_cropDr. Michael Pinkerton practices a gentle form of chiropractic called Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). This technique does not involve any manual, forceful adjusting of the joints, as is typical of most chiropractic methods. Instead, in the basic adjustment, Dr. Pinkerton feels for tender muscles, and holds these tender points with light pressure, while the patient alters his/her breathing pattern. The muscles will typically reduce their level of tension. This helps relieve both acute and chronic tension. Once muscles are less tense, the spine can align through normal activity. The treatment tends to be relaxing.

In the advanced adjustment, the patient is asked to think of various stresses, to determine if any of these are having an immediate affect on the patient’s system. Through touching treatment points on the head, again while the patient alters his/her breathing, we attempt to break the pattern of stress which is many times linked to a particular symptom (such as back pain, headache, etc.).

Dr. Pinkerton has a holistic approach that includes addressing many factors that can promote health or disease, including diet, habits around sleep and exercise, and environmental influences. He also uses homeopathic remedies in his practice to strengthen his patients’ systems. He has a special interest in holistically treating individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome.

For questions about whether this gentle form of chiropractic could benefit you, call Dr. Pinkerton at 415-847-4334 or email him through his contact form.

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